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  • Promoting more responsive and fair community justice systems in Myanmar

    16 October 2020

    Call for Proposals:  The recent report of the Task Force on Justice finds that “5.1 billion people – two-thirds of the world’s population – lack meaningful access to justice”. It goes on to state that this justice gap is “both a reflection of structural inequalities and a contributor to these inequalities”. It also notes that women, children, poor people, people with disabilities, and people from minority ethnic communities are among the vulnerable groups that find it hardest to access justice...

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  • Legal Aid Manager

    12 October 2020

    The Legal Aid Manager will support the design and implementation of a number of specific interventions of the MyJustice programme under result Area 2. S/he is responsible for ensuring the programme’s impact, experience and expertise takes account of Myanmar’s legal framework, practices and culture, and influences change in the justice sector (informal and formal) in Myanmar. S/he will contribute to the programme’s success by improving engagement with legal professionals and other justice...

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  • Senior Adviser – Strategic Communications and Engagement

    28 September 2020

    The Senior Adviser – Strategic Communications and Engagement will provide expert technical and strategic leadership, advice, and management of MyJustice programming on campaigns, communications for justice-related social change, and legal awareness raising. The role will further provide leadership, management, and guidance on programme focused communications and visibility, and support Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning and evidence-based policy engagement. A key focus is ensuring that all...

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  • Mapping the dimensions of personal debt as a justice issue in Myanmar

    09 September 2020

    Despite the opening of the economy and several reform efforts, Myanmar’s per capita GDP remains the lowest in South East Asia.  According to the World Bank, one third of Myanmar’s population is poor and another 14% are “near poor”.  The most common approach for dealing with shocks such as illness or crop failures etc is to borrow money. “A fifth of households in Myanmar are estimated to be over-indebted, defined as having a debt-to-asset ratio equal to or larger than 0.5.”  The MyJustice...

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